Mid-Atlantic States Homebrew Campout

MASHOUT August 18 - 21, 2016

This very special gathering of homebrewing clubs is being held for the third year at Organarchy Hop Farm in Old Town, MD. We have consolidated the camp so you probably don't need your car to move things in the course of the event. Beer Leader has been working with our host Solomon Rose to ensure the field is graded and planted with orchard grass to ensure a more convivial camp site. We hope you will park your car and then have fun. Some of our campers have used wagons to move brews. Get your home brew club friends together and come join us at Camp Mashout 2016.

Volunteers Needed

Join the crew to help out by signing in at check in table.

Participate in two Community Events

  • Beer & Food
  • Get Your Pucker On!
    Sour Hour
  • Down the Mountain to
    the Hop Yard
  • Meet you at
    the Row
  • Summertime and the
    livin's EZ-Up
By Joel Beer Leader, 05/28/2016 - 00:26
Biergarten from last year

The Offerman Biergarten will be open again to share your homebrew, connect with your fellow campers, and sample others beers. This is a place for camp to come together and share a brews and stories. Informal games and food offerings (hint to pretzel makers) may happen. Perhaps someone will dress in lederhosen.

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